Your data safety together with the quality of services we provide is our top priority, and we invest great efforts into protecting your personal information. Below you will find our rules for handling your information and our Privacy Policy that is based on these rules. 

  • We always ask for the minimum of your personal data that is required for the provision of services, our principle is ‘doing more with less’.
  • We do not store your information for storage's sake; it is stored only as long as it is prescribed by law.
  • It is you, our customer, who has the most control over personal information handling: you decide how (and if) your information will be shared, stored, processed by search engines and deleted from our site.
  • There is complete transparency on our part how your sensitive data information is collected, stored or shared so that you could make an informed decision. 

About Us and What Is Included Into Our Privacy Policy 

The website belongs to the company OrderCheapPaper, and it is through this website that our professional interactions with customers and the provision of services to them happen. This Privacy Policy covers the personal information that may be obtained from our customers who access:

  • This website, namely,;
  • The company mobile apps for iOS and Android;
  • Specific services, products, and information provided on our website (plag-scan software included). 

By default, you are entitled to the privacy and security of your personal information. ‘Personal/sensitive information/data’ refers to any information that may help remove your anonymity and identify you as a specific person. It is this information/data that we take care to protect. The following policy explains what information we ask you to share, how it is stored, used and protected, and how you can monitor and control these processes. If you have any questions about your confidentiality in our interactions, feel free to contact us. 

How Your Personal Data May Be Collected 

We can access your personal information in a few ways: you give this information to us in full awareness of it, or we may get it from our partners, all by means of legal acts (contracts, agreements, etc.) between you and us or us and our partners who have your personal information, with purpose of providing you required services or fulfilling other contractual liabilities. In all and every of the mentioned cases, you explicitly provide your permission to obtain your personal information to us or to our partners who in their turn are explicitly authorized by you to share this information with us. 

What Information May Be Retrieved 

When you access our website, our software may automatically detect:

  • The IP address from which you access the site;
  • Type of device used to access the site;
  • Technical details;
  • Preferred ways to use our site.

All this information is purely technical and helps us to enhance your user experience. You can read more about this type of information and how it is used in Cookie Policy. Find out about other types of collected information and its use below. 

# Information type Purpose of information gathering
1 Location of a user
  • Verification of a user’s identity (for business purposes only)
  • Tax and VAT issues
  • Fraud and impersonation prevention and prevention of accounts sale
2 Email of a user
  • The main tool of service-related communication with customers
  • Delivery of notifications and promotional information
3 User’s name and last name
  • Verification of a user’s identity
  • Financial matters (billing, invoice issuing, taxes)
  • Fraud and impersonation prevention and prevention of accounts sale
4 Phone number of a user
  • Verification of a user’s identity
  • The urgent tool of communication with the customer 
  • Delivering services of customer support 
5 The mailing address of a user
  • Financial matters (billing, invoices)

Reasons for Collecting This Information

Personal information that we may receive from you is used solely for providing you with our services or accompanying information:

  • Delivery of services and products that you requested via our site;
  • Reminder about services and promotion you may be interested in (if you are still our customer and did not visit the site for a considerable amount of time);
  • Fulfillment of our direct contractual obligations;
  • Business-related interactions linked to current products of services you use/expect from us (or to connected or promotional products that may interest you on the basis of your previous interest);
  • Fulfillment of our legal obligations;
  • Delivery of marketing and promotional content of various natures (if you explicitly agreed to receive this type of information).

Legal Grounds for Collecting This Information 

We perform collection of any kind of sensitive information within the limits of current legislation and only under following conditions: when you have explicitly given us permission to collect information and provided it through a type of contract or other legal interaction, and when you have explicitly agreed to one specific service like notifications sending or service delivery and provided the information required for these actions.

Legal Basis for Our Use of Personal Information 

Along collecting, we may use and process your personal information within the legal limits and for the following purposes:

  • We have an agreement with you;
  • You gave us your explicit permission;
  • You have purchased or requested services from us and we need to deliver them;
  • You openly agreed or offered to share this information;
  • It is legally required that we use the information that we collect. 

Ways of Retrieving Information From You 

You can provide us with the required information (together with explicit consent to share it) by the following methods:

  • You fill an order form or enter your email on our website;
  • You order services from us through our website;
  • You write feedback/review on our website;
  • You call us on our numbers stated on the website.

Through mentioned methods, you may share with us (in full knowledge of it) financial, personal, education-related or order-related information. 

Other Sources of Receiving Your Personal Information 

When you use other websites or other services from our business network, or when you share your information with our legal partners who have your explicit permission to disclose your information, we can access this information as well. 

When you share information with third parties who have services-related legal agreements with us, including but not limited to our sub-contractors and partners in financial, technical and order delivery fields, advertising area, background check facilities, etc., and when these agents have the right to collect this information and share it, we can access this third-party collected information as well.

Files Clause. If you have uploaded, downloaded, processed or otherwise accessed files through our website, we reserve the right to store these files as well. For this reason, we strongly recommend you not to share through our website the files that you are not allowed to share or use. If a file contains your personal information or data of third parties that did not authorize you to share this information, please refrain from sharing this file on our website as well. We cannot guarantee the complete security of these files. 

Third Parties That May Receive Your Personal Information From Us

The foremost condition of sharing your information with third parties is your explicit permission to us to do so. Only the following third parties/agents may receive your information:

  • Our sub-contractors and partners who need this information for providing you the services that you requested;
  • Our marketing team responsible for providing you with useful promotional materials after you agree to get this information;
  • Our affiliates and subsidiaries (as stated in section 1159 of the UK Companies Act 2006);
  • Other third parties under the condition that you have explicitly agreed that your personal information is shared with a specific third party. 

Other Grounds For Sharing Your Information With Third Parties 

If our company OrderCheapPaper in its entirety is purchased by a third party, all data that you shared with us will be transferred to a purchaser as a part of the acquired assets. Other important reasons for information sharing include:

  • If information sharing is required by an authorized governmental agency;
  • If there is a legal need to do so;
  • If disclosure is required to prevent fraudulent activities on the website;
  • If disclosure is required for enforcing Terms of Use of our company;
  • If disclosure is necessary for the protection of interests of OrderCheapPaper and/or our customers.

Aggregated (Anonymized) Information  

It may happen so that we will share with third parties the bulks of collected information that were aggregated, anonymized or depersonalized in other ways. It means that any personal data was removed and the bulk of the information is pure statistics (aggregated numeric data). This kind of information is not considered to be personal or sensitive. Yet you have the right to request not to include your personal data into these aggregations and not to share it.

Data Storage Facilities and Location 

The collected personal information is stored on protected servers in the USA or the EU (‘EEA’). If you accept this privacy policy for the purpose of using our services, you give us permission to move data storage to other states if there is a strong need to do so and if we have corresponding storage capacities there. The data is stored in encrypted form based on the latest technology developments and is carefully protected from non-authorized access by individuals or agencies.