Writing of Movie Review

Writing movie reviews is quite a popular assignment along with a book review and other tasks, which include personal opinion of the student.

Among all other types of reviews, a movie review is probably one of the simplest, as it doesn’t require lots of pages to read and you will only need a couple of hours to watch it. However, because of many visual effects, music and a variety of characters, it may be quite difficult to understand the plot and the main idea. That is why you will need to spend some time and energy if you want to complete the task in the best way!


Yes, it's that easy.

How to Write a Film Review?

If you were asked to write movie review essay, you need to remember that usually it should be around 500-600 words long, which is approximately 2-3 pages, depending on the font and size of the letters you choose.

A proper review should always concentrate on the target audience, evaluating whether it managed to achieve the necessary effect. That is why you need to add your own evaluation of the movie instead of just writing a boring film summary. You should always remember that a strong movie review makes the reader want to watch it!

At the beginning of the review add following information to help the reader orient in your paper:

  1. Name of the movie and the director;
  2. Year of release;
  3. Major actors;
  4. Genre and the main topic.

It will be a great idea to compare the movie to the one you have previously seen, as usually they borrow certain elements and you can use such items to make up your mind on the movie.

You should also remember to focus on the main idea of the plot without distracting on handsome actors, loud music or any other side effects. Try to be as professional as possible, when working on the review and your professor will certainly notice it.

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