Improving Essay Writing Skills for 5 Step

Mar 30, 2018 by ordercheap

An essay denotes a piece of writing whose aim is to put across someone’s point of view. Even though essays have various purposes, they need to follow a specific format that is meant to ensure that they achieve the desired effect. In order for any writer to achieve this, they need to inculcate essay writing skills in their work.


Essay writing skills

Essay writing involves simple steps which are meant to ensure that the writer remains on course with the topic, and in the process is able to bring forth a convincing argument. Following these steps and doing each step appropriately improves essay writing skills. The steps are:


  • – Deciding on the topic
  • – Preparing an outline
  • – Writing the thesis statement
  • – Writing the introduction
  • – Writing the body-points
  • – Writing the conclusion
  • – Deciding on the topic


One of the most important essay writing skills is choosing the topic. One needs to choose a topic that is of interest to them because without interest, one is not able to excel in that particular topic. In case a writer has many topics of interest, he/she will need to evaluate each and every topic so as to come up with the best.


Preparing an outline

Through an outline, a writer arranges ideas in an organized way. Drafting an essay outline enables a writer to cover all points without forgetting others, and also ensures that ideas are covered systematically.


Writing the Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is the main statement in the first paragraph that informs the reader what the essay is all about and what point the author seeks to make from the essay. Choosing a noteworthy thesis statement is one of the most important essay writing skills as it determines the reader’s interest in the topic. A thesis statement should be clear, brief and captivating.

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The introduction and body

The introduction is the route of entry to any essay. A good essay writer should be able to make an introduction that is an attention grabber and one that gives a general view of the topic. The thesis statement comes at the end of the introduction. The body is the main focus of any essay. A good writer needs to explain the main points and sub-points clearly, each point in one paragraph. In the body, the writer will need to explain, describe and argue points well so that ideas are convincing.



This is the final part that brings closure to the whole essay and sums up all the points. Good essay writing skills require that an essay needs to have a conclusion that gives a final perspective of the essay.