10 of the best persuasive writing prompts

Mar 22, 2018 by ordercheap

Following are 10 of the very best persuasive writing prompts that one can use:


A whole lot of people have a strong belief that the violence that is shown on our television set on daily basis gives a fire to the public violence. Do you feel the same? Give some reasons in details as well as examples in order to justify your answer.


A number of people believe that elderly drives should apply for driving license again, as with age the reaction time is slowed down, a person faces a number of hearing and vision issues. Do you agree with this or not? And also explain why you are agreed or disagreed with this thought.


A whole lot of medical and cosmetic companies perform various types of tests on animals before launching their products; a whole lot of people believe that it is very wrong, as it has different harmful effects on animal’s skin. Do you agree with this that too, that this thing should be stopped immediately? If yes, then also tell its alternative.


To overcome the budget deficit your school principal is planning to cancel all the remaining events of the year. Write a detailed report for your principal that why different events are of vital importance for the grooming of the students. Give a number of examples as well as reasons to strengthen your response.


There are a number of different causes that people do promote as well as support. Tell us about the cause that you are supporting and also define the reason for your support. Besides that also persuade the readers that why should they be supporting that cause too!

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After the cloning of the very first sheep dolly, atheists and scientists believe that Human beings should also be cloned, as that’s the part of the human evolution and is one of the most important scientific discovery, but a great number of people believe that it is a total violation of the natural laws. Write an essay on this topic telling what you think on this subject and what should be done by giving factual reasons and statements.


Some of the parents give their children pocket money weekly or on monthly basis irrespective of their behavior towards different responsibilities and society, as they believe that it is important for him to get pocket money to overcome his expenses while some parents only give pocket money to their children when they have behaved well or have completed all of their assigned chores.  Tell us your view about this by giving specific examples and reasons.


A whole lot of people are associated with different NGO’s to help out others. Give a detailed essay convincing the readers to go with such type of NGO’s and why it is important for them to go with it.


Recently it has been observed that single sex schools are gaining immense popularity when it comes to girls, as it is believed that girls learn quickly and in a better way when they are not competing. State your opinion about that, and also give reasons and examples of your answer.


What is your hobby? Give an essay over it and also convince your readers over the activity you enjoy the most!

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